Flight Operations


Abu Dhabi Aviation provides helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) support for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates. This critical service operates from four strategic bases within the UAE. The service consists of a fleet of seven state-of-the-art AgustaWestland AW139 SAR-equipped helicopters. Each SAR helicopter comprises a crew of four: two pilots, a winch operator, and a rescue crewman / paramedic. The SAR helicopters are available for immediate callout 24/7 and operate over both land and sea.

In addition to the primary task of providing search and rescue for peacetime military operations, the SAR helicopters may render assistance to the wider civil community in coordination with civilian rotary wing operators as well as conducting inter-hospital patient transfers. Abu Dhabi Aviation is proud to be able to provide these vital services to the citizens and Armed Forces personnel of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Aviation Search & Rescue Administration Office Telephone: +9712 5758172


Project Manager: Mr. Ahmed Al Khouri
Deputy Project Manager: Mr. Yousif Abdelaziz Kukhardi
Training Manager: Mr. Salem Al-Kitbi
Chief Aircrewman: Mr. Phil Vincent
Chief Paramedic: Mr. Wayne Hayman
Project Manager: Tel +971 2 575 8000 Mobile: +971 50 662 3003
Deputy Project Manager: Tel +971 2 5758172 Mobile: +971 50 6124824
Training Manager: Tel +971 2 XXXXXXX Mobile: +971 50 6424642
Chief Aircrewman: Tel +971 2 4449612
Mobile: +971 50 6124706
Chief Paramedic: Tel +971 2 4447381 Mobile: +971 50 6168754



Rescues of note, which have taken place to date, are the rescue of 11 people from the roofs of burning buildings and one person from an upturned boat.

Al Bateen

RCC Tel: 800 UAE SAR
Tel: +971 2 XXXXXXX

Mobile: +971 50 616 9213

Fax: +971 2 405 6269
Duty SAR Pilot Tel: +971 50 616 9214

Tel: +971 4 XXXXXXX
Duty SAR Pilot Tel: +971 50 616 9216
Operations Tel: +971 2 XXXXXXX
Duty SAR Pilot Tel: +971 50 616 9217
Al Ain

Tel: +971 3 XXXXXXX
Duty SAR Pilot Tel: +971 50 616 9215



Abu Dhabi Aviation has an ongoing training program for all aircrew to bring them to the required standard to conduct Search and Rescue missions, and then to ensure that they maintain this standard. The training is given by the ADA instructors as well as external agencies. Training covers many subjects, including medical training and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer).

Pilot Training

Pilots undergo a training program to convert them to the AW 139 aircraft before commencing their Search & Rescue training. Their training includes, AW 139 Ground School, General Handling, Instrument Flying and an intense SAR package.

Aircrewman Training

Aircrewmen are trained for all Search & Rescue scenarios by the Abu Dhabi Aviation Aircrewmen Instructors. The training consists of all aspects of winching, including boat transfers, wet winching, cliff winching and stretcher transfers.


Paramedics Training

Paramedics are fully qualified medically before joining Abu Dhabi Aviation, but all paramedics undergo winch training to enable them to be proficient and confident on the winch wire in any situation that may occur.


Safety is the number one priority at Abu Dhabi Aviation, and as such, a comprehensive briefing is given to every person that joins the company. The briefings cover not only all aspects of aviation and working in the vicinity of aircraft, but also all safety issues that can arise from working with the hazardous materials and heavy machinery associated with aviation in general.