09 July 2019

Approvals to provide service for Cayman Islands and GCAA Unmanned Aircraft Operator Approval

Cayman Island Aircraft Maintenance Organisation

In accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements Abu Dhabi Aviation has recently acquired approval to conduct maintenance and Release to Service Cayman registered aircraft. This approval includes the complete Scope and Privileges issued by the EASA  Authority Approval granted to Abu Dhabi Aviation. The addition of the Cayman Island Approval adds to Abu Dhabi Aviation's already long list of maintenance capabilities with various Authorities worldwide.

Click Here to see the Cayman Island AMO

GCAA Unmanned Aircraft Operator Approval

This Authorization is issued to Abu Dhabi Aviation to operate Unmanned Aircraft in the UAE for commercial purposes. As the United Arab Emirates only Unmanned Aircraft Operator currently with an Aircraft Operating Certificate Abu Dhabi Aviation brings the weight and experience of established operational control as well as robust Safety and Quality Systems to the operation of Unmanned Aircraft.

Click here to see GCAA Unmanned Aircraft Operator Approval